Kirby Memorial Health Center - Wilkes-Barre, PA

 The A. E. Kirby Memorial Health Center was built in 1931 for the purpose of “preserving and promoting the health of the people of Wilkes-Barre and neighboring communities, and the control and elimination of diseases.”  The main building and two annexes house a variety of laboratories and health, service, and advocacy organizations.
    Designed by T.H. Atherton, to last 300 years, the main building’s exterior is Bethel White granite with a distinctive blue Ludowici tile roof.  Interiors are richly finished with tile, wrought iron, plaster, oak and terra cotta.  Annex 1 was originally a home designed for Priscilla Lee Bennett by the famous Philadelphia architect, Bruce Price, in 1883, in the Queen Anne Revival Style.  Annex 2 is more than 100 years old and was formerly the parsonage of the First United Methodist Church.
   Bakker & Lewis Architects has served as staff architect for more than fifteen years and have designed and overseen a series of renovation projects to upgrade and maintain buildings and grounds to accommodate changing occupancies, functions, and technological requirements.
    The third phase of a major exterior restoration was completed in 2009 that included rebuilding chimney and parapet walls, replacing through-wall flashing, repointing all mortar joints, masonry cleaning, rebuilding built-in copper gutters, restoring exterior bronze light fixtures, replacing wood dormer windows, Ludowici tile roof, and low-slope membrane roofing.