Kirby Health Center - Exterior Restoration Project

After nearly 80 years of exposure to the elements, the parapet walls and the tile roof of the Kirby Health Center were showing signs of age.  The original Ludowici blue tile roof had cracked and chipped tiles, the built-in copper gutters had been patched many times, and the flashing on the parapet walls were causing leaks at the perimeter of the flat roof decks.  To restore the life of the building fabric, the parapet walls were completely disassembled, new lead coated copper thru wall flashings with improved details were installed, and the then the walls were reassembled.  The old tile roof was peeled off and new copper built-in gutters and flashings were fabricated and installed.  A new 3/4" plywood deck was secured to the old gypsum plank deck and covered completely with a self-adhering waterproof membrane before the new Ludowici tiles were installed.  The roof replacement and restoration work will preserve the exceptional tri-color terra cotta details at the roof eave and soffits.  After the reconstruction work, the mortar joints in all the exterior granite cladding were sawcut and repointed - finishing the exterior restoration project that took three years of skilled craftsmanship to complete.