Noxen Depot - Noxen, PA

Bakker & Lewis worked with the North Branch Land Trust in the reconstruction and restoration of the former Lehigh Valley Railroad Depot at Noxen, Pennsylvania.  Constructed around 1893 to serve the timber and ice industry of North Mountain, and a local tannery, it was abandoned in 1963 when rail service was terminated.  After years of neglect the building was in rough shape when the project began - as half of the roof structure had collapsed under snow and wind loads.  The Noxen Depot was donated to the Land Trust provided that they restore the structure and put it to non-commercial use.  The exterior envelope restoration has been completed, with private donations and grant money from the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission and Endless Mountains Heritage Region.  The Land Trust is currently raising the additional funds needed to finish the interior restoration with hopes that it will one day serve as a museum of local history, a community meeting room, or possibly a field office for conservation groups.