Wyoming Seminary - Kingston, PA

Bakker & Lewis assisted Wyoming Seminary when they decided to undertake an extensive exterior renovation of Swetland Fleck and Darte Halls.  Swetland Hall, the original building at the heart of the upper school campus was destroyed by fire in March of 1853, and was subsequently rebuilt wiith additional wings and a connecting link added shortly after the end of the Civil War.  The building had last been renovated in the early 1950's, with the addition of fire-rated strucural steel floor system.  Flood damage and subsequent settlement at a number of locations had taken a toll on the exterior brickwork.  Mortar failure after exposure to the elements over time caused the jack arches to settle at many of the window and door openings.  After a thorough analysis it was determined that entire sections of the exterior wall needed to be reconstructed.

Phased over three years the exterior of Swetland, Fleck and Darte Halls was carefully renovated.  Masonry Preservations Services, of Berwick, PA performed a complete masonry restoration, replacing loose, broken brick and stone sills, installing steel reinforcing at window arches, and repointing and cleaning the entire exterior.  All the deteriorated wood windows, were replaced with clad wood windows that preserved the historic character of the building while increasing energy efficiency by reducing heat loss. Topping off the project was replacement of the roofing and flashing.  Currently the replacement of deteriorated brick steps at the 5 building entrances is underway with new granite treads selected to match the original bluestone pavers at the entry porticos.